Welcome to Worms Services Maritimes, one of the oldest and most dynamic independent French shipping agencies.

Our mission is to offer permanent and personal attention, quality of service and tailor made solutions to our customers’ requests. Our expertise stems from our heritage and experience as well as the professionalism of our employees as testified by first class organizations and our membership in renowned professional associations.

Our certifications are a token for your confidence, your added value.

170 years of experience
30 port
+ 3 000 calls handled
every year
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Our Group

Worms Services Maritimes, with a capital of 1,050,816 euros and chaired by Nicolas Barnaud has been a leading actor in the shipping agency field for over 170 years with offices in France and abroad (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia) through a wide network of branches and subsidiaries.
Worms Maritime Services is mainly involved in the shipping agency field covering liner and tramping services for all types of vessels and goods.
Our Group also offers its expertise in a wide range of related activities such as forwarding, logistics, customs clearance, bonded warehousing, etc.).

Through a long established network in France and in the Med Worms Services Maritimes offers a strong expertise together with a unique command of logistics 24/24 throughout the year.

Our main
sectors of activity

  • Containerized commodities
  • Rolling equipment
  • Industrial projects
  • Petrochemicals and gas
  • Agricultural products
  • Cruises
  • Ship & crew assistance
  • Breakbulk cargoes
  • Offshore
  • Heavy lifts
  • Ship repair
  • Fertilizers
  • Super Yacht
  • Navy & humanitarian

Our history

Acquired by the Worms and Barnaud families in June 1998, Worms Services Maritimes’ origin relates to the shipping business in which Maison Worms got involved in the late 1840s.


Maison Worms starts trading in the International English Coal and Maritime Services

Hypolite Worms (1801-1877), as founder of Maison Worms that bears his name, embarks in the international trade of English coal. In order to charter the ships to carry the ore out of the U K and prevent them from returning empty, the French and British branches were called upon to offer their services as shipping agents.


Forming his own fleet

Hypolite Worms decides to form his own fleet not to be dependent on shipowners any more. The first unit named "Séphora", from the name of his wife, is acquired in 1856. With the "Sauternes" being phased in 1900, naming the ships from renowned Bordeaux wines becomes customary; the ships dedicated to the transport of heavy lifts are named after the cities of Normandy. The last Worms coaster is sold in 1968.


Liner services to Germany and Belgium are launched

With the opening of the Bordeaux-Le Havre-Hamburg (1859) and Bordeaux-Antwerp (1869) lines, Maison Worms is focusing its cabotage network on routes between France and Northern Europe.
By supplying coal to shipping companies’ coal stations all over the world, the major European shipowners became part of Worms Services Maritimes portfolio.


Foundation of the Port Said branch

Active in Egypt since 1851, Maison Worms supplies coal for the steam excavators used by the company in charge of digging the Suez Canal. In July 1869, four months before the inauguration of this new "waterway", the Port Said and Suez branches are opened to supply coal bunkers to the ships and provide the shipowners with the full range of maritime services.


A branch is opened in Algiers

Through the Schiaffino shipping company, Worms & Cie opens a branch in Algiers, where it supplies the French Navy ships with bunkers. Close links will be maintained with this company until it disappears in the 1990s. Maison Worms built several of her ships in the shipyard of its own and managed in Normandy, near Rouen, between 1917 and 1966 (Workshops and Shipyards of Seine-Maritime - ACSM)


Worms shipping Group is set up

Between 1929 and 1934, Worms & Cie boosts back the Compagnie Havraise Peninsulaire which will become Nochap or NCHP as one of its subsidiaries whose management will be in the hands of the Worms Services Maritimes until it is sold in 1986. During the inter-war period, Maison Worms gave birth to the French Company of Petroleum Transport - SFTP which will be sold to Compagnie Maritime Belge together with the entire shipowning Group in 1997.


A branch is opened in Casablanca

After the Second World War, Worms & Co. is back to sea transport by opening liner services to Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. An agency is opened in Casablanca in 1946 and new vessels are phased in for this trade while ports in North Europe are served by chartered vessels.
Decolonization movements combined with rail and road competition led to the dismantling of the cabotage network in the late 1960s.


A partnership in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco is established

Following the nationalization of the Suez Canal (1956), the independence of Tunisia (1957) followed by Algeria (1962), Worms & Cie is gradually developing a partnership with Egyptian, Tunisian and Algerian similar companies.
The state monopoly implemented by the Algerian Government on maritime transport by the 1976 constitution however prompted Maison Worms to withdraw until 1998 when the government decided to open again the sector to private companies.


Worms Services Maritimes is formed

The General Management of the maritime services takes the form of an independent company under the name of Worms Services Maritimes.
Thanks to its organization, its network established in most of the French and the East Mediterranean ports, its commercial potential and its highly qualified staff, Worms Services Maritimes can assist the shipowners and deal with all the importers’ and exporters’ requirements in terms of transport.

Today, Worms Services Maritimes is very active in France as well as in many Mediterranean countries.

→ To learn more about the history of Maison Worms, please visit: www.wormsetcie.com.

“The quality of our service is the main driver of our competitiveness and our development for the present as for the future”

Nicolas Barnaud

Our guarantees

Worms Services Maritimes takes pride in a widely recognized reputation in terms of sound, efficient and far sighted management for the whole of its activities and for the professionalism of its staff.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality of service to meet or even exceed their requirements while endeavouring to anticipate the unexpected.

To achieve this goal, we are committed to:

  • implement specific, efficient and harmonized working procedures,
  • ensure a fast and reliable communication,
  • provide adapted answers to all requests,
  • make tailor-made and competitive offers,
  • comply with ethical rules with regard to conflicts of interest, assets and confidentiality.


Worms Services Maritimes strives for the highest level of compliance regarding quality, environmental awareness, safety, customs and security.

Since 17 January 2012, Worms Services Maritimes is accredited as a full Authorized Economic Operator covering customs clearance, security and safety ("AEO-F" certified under authorization n ° FR00000925). The certification as "AEO-F" granted to the company ensures that our role in the international trade is secure and efficient regarding simplified procedures. It does not only offer control facilities in terms of safety and security but also a guarantee in terms of financial solvency.


On September 8, 2016, Worms Services Maritimes was awarded a certificate of conformity to its quality standard by the international organization Fonasba (Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents)

This specific standard for ship brokers and agents testifies the company's ability to continuously provide services that meet our customers expectations on a permanent basis while meeting applicable regulatory requirements.


As a member of renowned trade associations like AMCF (French Shipping Agents Association) and CMF (French Maritime Cluster), Worms Services Maritimes provides its customers with the guarantee of a constant updating of its procedures and that regulations are fully complied with, be they French, European or worldwide.


Worms Services Maritimes is affiliated with Itic (International Transport Intermediaries Club) as the world leader in the field of professional liability insurance for the transport sector to cover the risks that are part of our complex missions being sometimes critical and where our vulnerability and responsibility are regularly at high stake.