Hub Worms Maritime Services has developed a single point of entry service available round the clock throughout the year and that can be used whenever requested by our Principals.

Under the name of Worms Hub Agency Office (WHAO), “Hub” office mission is to define and agree on the area of cooperation that a Principal may need which can range from one single port to a whole continent, or even all ports called by the Principal's vessels, regardless where they are. It also consists in studying the fields of intervention aiming to build up and define the scope of assistance exactly in line with the Principal’s expectations.

Our centralizing office coordinates all the missions that it has been entrusted with such as the selection, evaluation and appointment of local agents, control and issuance of proformas, management and operational follow-up as well as the financial aspect.

We can cover many ports and mooring sites through a global network of reliable partners having an in depth local expertise. We can also supervise your agents at your request as “protecting agent”.

We can also propose to help you rationalize and simplify the management of your calls by taking advantage of our vast range of services.

A unique bank account in USD or EUR is put at your disposal with a renowned international French bank to cover all your expenses wherever in the world.

Our + services

  • EfficiencyDealing with several different agents having their own modes of operation can lead to unpredictability due to their performance that can vary from one port to another and as a result generate time-consuming and costly operational and administrative constraints. With our long experience in the shipping agency field we can pretend to understand and anticipate your operational needs and, as your focal point, be in a position to structure, coordinate and optimize the management of your calls anywhere in the world. Time and resources will thus be saved for your core business while enjoying a greater peace of mind.
  • ConsistencyDealing with Worms Services Maritimes network means the guarantee to receive exactly the same service and documentation wherever you operate. We are committed to providing you with the same level of service in all circumstances at all times, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Financial securityWorms Maritime Services, whose origin goes back to the creation of Worms Group founded in 1848, enjoys an excellent reputation in the shipping industry. For the pre-financing and settlement of your disbursements worldwide you can use our single bank account with the guarantee of safe and efficient monetary transactions to make your funds transfer fully secure.
  • ConfidenceWorms Maritime Services reputation stems from trust, fairness and integrity. Our ethical policy is to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and we are committed to acting with professionalism, fairness and honesty in all our business relationships.
  • ReliabilityYour requirements are part of our operational system and our business processes, we instruct the port agents accordingly and make sure they have a full understanding and consideration of your needs. We scrupulously check the disbursements submitted by the port agents and collate them with the proformas, making sure that the terms and conditions of your orders are strictly respected, offering you an additional independent control. Last but not least, our organization, our training programmes and internal processes are a guarantee that all our employees are in line with the best practices in the industry and that their performance is evaluated on a regular basis.
    In other words, you can rest assured that our performance will meet your expectations and protect your interests.

Our mission: Be with you across the world!